The Stairs Day

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Available from 9.00 am September 22

On Tuesday, September 22, we arrange the Stairs Day in collaboration with Suicide Zero, Karolinska Institutet, The Heart-Lung Foundation and Generation Pep.

Due to covid-19, The Day of the Stairs 2020 will be a fully digital event in two hours that can be followed both on TV and on social media.

Day of The Stairs
September 22

The lecturers are world leaders in research and public health: Professor and Senior Physician Mai-Lis Hellénius from Karolinska Institutet, Olympic Champion and Director of Generation Pep Carolina Klüft, Psychiatrist and Senior Physician Ullakarin Nyberg from Suicide Zero.

We conclude the Stairs Day with a panel of experts including, among others, former Minister of Public Health and National Coordinator for Agenda 2030 Gabriel Wikström, Secretary General of the Heart-Lung Foundation Kristina Sparreljung, Secretary General of Suicide Zero Rickard Bracken.

The newly appointed national coordinator for physical activity, Johan Holmsäter, will also participate.

The Stairs Day is an annual event that will occur on the same day as the Swedish fall equinox.