You are valuable – take the stairs!

We encourage everyone to climb at least 100 steps every day, the rest of their lives to get better endurance, get stronger and improve their mental health.

“Stair climbing is a great way to improve your health. You get both a heart rate increase and you activate the body’s largest muscles – thighs and glutes. We know today that all our common public health problems can be prevented by physical activity. And stairs are everywhere, they are free of charge and you do not need any special equipment. It’s just a matter of avoiding the elevator and look for the stairs!”

Mai-Lis Hellénius, Professor of Health and Lifestyle at Karolinska Institutet.

About 100 Pushes

We encourage everyone who is in a wheelchair to do at least 100 pushes on the push rims every day on a light uphill climb to obtain better endurance, get stronger and gain improved mental health. Our ambassador for 100 pushes is Niclas Rodhborn, who has been part of the national wheelchair tennis team for 22 years and is now head coach.

How Does The Corona Epidemic Affect Public Health?

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Lifestyle professor Mai-Lis Hellénius on the impact of the Corona epidemic on public health